You are orienting yourself on the housing market currently. This can be done by looking for a rental property, but also to purchase your own property. With a rental you know what the monthly charges will be. This is a bit more difficult when it comes to purchasing your own property. What you could buy depends, among other things, on what you can finance based on your income and on the basis of the home itself. Any budget set by yourself is of course also very important!

You can ofcourse choose to search and arrange everyhing by yourself and safe yourself the brokerage fee. But ask yourself this: are you cheaper without a broker? Read here what benefits we can offer you. 

We can inform you about the possibilities and impossibillities through cooperation with specialized mortgage advisers. That is why we want to offer you the oppurtunity to arrange the best possible quotation for you. Because we work together with independent mortgage advisers, they can offer you the best conditions and interest rates. The advisor will make an appointment with you for an exploratory meeting. This can be done at a time and location that suits (also possible after office hours!).

In short

Step 1: Intake interview

An independent mortgage advisor will contact you and schedule a non-obligation appointment with you. During this conversation, the different types of mortgages come up and your maximum mortgage amount is calculated.

Step 2: Looking for your dream home

Now that your budget has been set, you can start looking for your dream home. You have already determined your wishlist for your new home. The first viewings will scheduled any time soon now, accompanied by us.

Step 3: The negotiations

Found a dream home and then the negotiations start with the selling broker. An initial offer must now be made based on the market value and the acquired documents of the property. Are you choosing the right tactic? This is where your broker can make a huge difference for you!

Step 4: Settlement at the notary

You are now in the final phase. You arrange an inspection with the seller and his broker. After that, only the signing of the purchase- and mortgage deed at the civil-law notary follows. The key handover takes place and you are now the proud owner of a new home!

Hire yourself a buying agent

Finding the right home can sometimes be very difficult. There is a lot to consider, not only a mortgage, but also thorough investigation of the home is very important. To see if there are no problems with the foundation, for example. Or just to look at the state of the whole, so as not to be faced with unexpected costs afterwards. Your buying agent acts for you and will also negotiate the best possible price for you!

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